Put them in scoring position often enough…

….and good things will happen.

Reds beat Phillies….with speed, if not at least with the threat of speed.  They were caught stealing twice (although Taverez was safe by a mile from where I was sitting) but did have one successful try.  Once was thrown out at home while pushing the defense to make a play.  All of this pushing seems to have worked as Cincy beat the Phillies, and in the process, put pressure on them almost every inning of the game.  Good job Dusty Baker and the base coaches.

Speed Needs to be a Bigger Part of the Plan…

The Reds lineup as improved their overall batting average to over .250, that being up from a league worst .209 just four weeks ago.  Some power has come with that, Jay Bruce now has 12 homers on the year.  But this team was organized for speed on the basepads.  All those singles need to start translating into stolen base doubles.  Take a look at Tampa Bay – middle of May and already 70 stolen bases…That’s moving runners into scoring position.

Now granted, I don’t see everyone on the Reds lineup to be off and running on each pitch, but I do feel that Cincy needs to be more agressive than what they have shown so far.

Congratulations to the Dodgers…

Yeah, I’m saying nice things about L.A.  The Dodgers team could have went into ‘circusville’ with the whole Manny Thing, but rather, they are still producting.  Signs of an emerging playoff caliber team (uh, NY, are ya missing Joe now??).  September headline “How the West was Won, L.A. style”.

Injuries…..And it’s only May.

It’s still early enough in the season that ‘everyone’ still has a shot at October.  However, injuries seem to be mounting at a very alarming rate.  Some injuries are more severe than others, such as Mr. Weeks with the Brewers, while some are just day to day, as is the case of Mr. Votto witht the Reds. 

To each their own, but if I was a manager, I believe I would rather hear the broken wrist diagnosis than the day to day ‘I’m dizzy coach’ diagnosis.  At least line ups can still be set long term, even if it is with a backups.  In the case of Votto, you certainly can’t send him to AAA because he got dizzy but then again what do you do?  Gonzalez is day to day, Encanarcian is soon to be day to day, Votto day to day….Get the picture Reds fans….Cincy has struggled some over the last week but given the fact that multilple starters have been injured, be glad it’s just May.

Talk about a 180…

The Cincinnati Reds, long a team not worthy of winning on the road, is now the owner of the MLBs best road record, 13-5.  Granted, it is still early in the season, but this has to be a lift to the clubhouse attitude as well as the front office.  Winning early in the season gives the top brass a reason to be ‘buyers’ come late July, early August, rather than the other way around.  I see no reason the Reds will not compete the rest of the way with St. Louis (always tough) and Milwakee (always hitting the ball)….sorry Cubs, you don’t make the conversation this year, watch and see.

Votto – Becoming a leader by example.

So many players have the ‘ability’ to become a club leader.  But only a few become just that.  Joey Votto is one those few.  While relatively young by MLB standards, his approach to the game, heck, his approach to every at-bat is lesson in life – ‘Be patient, work hard, expect nothing but success.’

I look forward to watching Mr. Votto, as well as Phillips, Bruce and all the rest of a very young and very talented – and very determined team play baseball this year.